Update: Filmbuary, March & More!

Blog Update | TheBlushingBeauty

Hey guys! It’s been over a month since I have blogged… which is absolutely crazy. While I was doing my Filmbuary series I wanted to post all the videos weekly but unfortunately I didn’t go through with that. I did upload 14 videos in February though if you would like to watch them! Here’s the playlist:

I worked hard to do those videos and upload as often as I did! I hope that if you haven’t seen them you will watch them (:

Now that it is March, I am back to my Sunday and Wednesday schedule on my youtube channel. In all honesty, I am more devoted to my youtube than my blog. The reason being is that I have gained way more followers (subscribers), more friends, and overall a better experience on youtube than my blog. Blogging is what even got me into the whole internet scheme of things and I don’t want to let go of it completely, but I can’t promise I will be as active as twice a week for say. Videos take a loooong time to do, and sometimes I can’t find the time to additionally write a corresponding blog post. However I will do my absolute best! If you want to see me regularly then check out my youtube channel, vlog channel, twitter and instagram! Follow/subscribe to me and you will be able to keep up with me!

Also, if you have a channel or blog you’d like for me to check out, just leave a comment down below and I will follow you!

Here are my two latest videos in case your interested:

Thank you all for being supportive and watching my videos/reading my blog posts. I can’t even express how much it means to me. Love you with all my heart and talk to you soon!

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