Hi, I’m Selena. Welcome to my blog!

I remember that day in August, 2011, 12 years old, when my mom told me she would take me to the mall to get makeup. I couldn’t contain my excitement- the whole summer I had been stealing her lip gloss and putting shimmery eyeshadow on sneakily, and now I was finally going to get my own! I went to the Clinique counter, got a bunch of cool eye makeup, and went home with an even bigger smile than when I came.

My love for makeup, and really all things beauty and fashion, is still going today, at 14 years old. I have been reading blogs, watching countless Youtube videos, read many books on beauty, and learned a lot from my own mistakes too, and I hope with this knowledge I can help you out! Blogging is so much fun for me and I hope my blog can expand.

Be sure to leave me questions, comments, and feedback. I love getting to hear from you all, and hope you enjoy my blog!

Also, check out some of my friend’s blogs/tumblrs! Anna and Megan!

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