Curls for Straight & Hard to Curl Hair

My best friend Rachel came over for this weekend, which was not only exciting in itself, but also gave me the opportunity to do hair! Which I of course love doing.

But it wasn’t any ordinary day of styling. Instead, she gave me a challenge. To curl her hair. Unheard of for Rachel

She said it would it be impossible.

But I accepted. I’m up for a challenge.

Curls for Straight, Hard to Curl Hair |

And see the results? I clearly did not fail!

So I’ll give you some background on her hair if your wondering why it’s a challenge. She has very straight short hair. It’s very soft and silky which can make it hard to style as it slips off a curling iron, braid, etc. And her hair is thick!

To tackle this I first used my trusty Julep Beach Spray, which I love and have talked about a lot before. This didn’t give her hair a ton of wave, but did give a lot of texture and grip which was exactly what I needed. I sprayed this in liberally before curling, especially on the ends. I think this is the key to giving stick straight hair curls.

Then I sectioned off her hair with a clip. To curl I took my Remington Curling wand (the smaller of the two sizes available) and wrapped 1 inch sections around the barrel for 10 seconds. I released it and held in in my hand for a couple more seconds. This resulted in a wavy, bouncy curl.

Curls for Straight, Hard to Curl Hair |

All I did after that was do that to the rest of the bottom section! I made sure to curl away from her face because generally that is more flattering. I then took down the top layer and curled that the same way.

The curls were done! I decided to twist back sections from either side of her head to add an extra touch. I bobby pinned those and used the best hairspray ever from Suave!

Curls for Straight, Hard to Curl Hair |

Ta-Da! She was very pleasantly surprised with the results! Very pretty but also very easy!

Let me know if you liked this tutorial and the comments, and like this post or follow me if you enjoyed! Have a lovely day and see you on Wednesday!