For any of my readers, please leave any thoughts, questions, or suggestions in the comments section of my most recent post. I will be able to respond to you the easiest to you this way.

For any buisness inquiries, please feel free to email me at .

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8 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hey! My name is Paige and I am new and starting out in the blogging and vlogging world! I have seen your blog and it is beautiful and I’ve watched your youtube channel! I was just wondering if you could maybe give me some advice on how you juggle blogging and vlogging and where you get your inspiration from! It would mean a lot! Thank you So Much (:

    • Hi Paige! Oh my gosh I would love to help you! First thank you so much for the compliments, it really does mean a lot to me. It can be a lot to handle all at once- blogging, doing a youtube channel and vlogging. My best advice would be to find a focus and set a schedule. For me, I mostly focus on my interests at the time. If I like how my makeup looks, I’ll film a tutorial or if I feel more talkative I’ll do a tag. Planning videos can be helpful but I prefer to just to do what comes to mind at the time. It helps me to be more inspired about what I talk about and makes my videos more thoughtful.
      Second I would recommend making a schedule. This has helped me a ton! I do Sunday, Wednesday and Friday. During the busier times I just do Sunday and Wednesday. This has helped me SO MUCH! It keeps me on track so I know when I need to get posts/videos ready. I like to film/write multiple posts on the same day and then schedule them to go up on those days. I can get a week (or more) of work done in a short amount of time!
      My inspiration has always just been my love for beauty and fashion. I do look up to some youtubers for sure, but I really enjoy expressing my opinions and blogging gives me the opportunity to do that, you know? I am more of an independent person so this is an activity that I can do by myself, but I still get to interact with viewers and such.
      I hope this helped some! Sorry for it being super long. If you have any more questions let me know! I have a lot more things I have to say if your interested (: I love helping people and offering advice so feel free to send me an email if you want to talk more. It means so much to me that you came to me for advice! I can’t wait to check out your blog and see where you go (:

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