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City Days

Hey guys! Today’s post is some footage I got while out in a dowtown area last weekend with my siblings. I show you the city as well as my outfit!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post, be sure to like it if you did! More videos soon, love you all and have an amazing day!

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Get Ready With Me: Ed Sheeran Concert + VLOG!

Hello lovelies! I am back and ready to be posting again! I will be uploading every Sunday and Wednesday (: Today I’m going to show you how I got ready for the Ed Sheeran Concert! I included the hair, makeup and outfit I wore. It was so much fun, and if you watched my playlist video you would know he is one of my all time favorite artists!

I decided to also vlog the experience, so if you want to watch that here it is! I got a decent amount of him performing live if you are interested. He sounded so good live, even better than in the studio if that’s possible?!

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Back To School: Outfit Ideas and Styling Essentials!

Back to School: Outfit Ideas and Styling Essentials | The Blushing Beauty

Greetings my friends! Today I am sharing with you my Back to School Outfit Ideas! I decided instead of doing a bunch of different outfits, like most of these videos, I would show you how I style 4 key pieces: A flannel, a denim jacket, a coral dress and a graphic tee. This way you can get lots of wear out of your clothes without looking like you wear the same thing everyday!

Outfit Info:

Key Pieces
Flannel- Hollister
Denim Jacket- F21
Cat Graphic Tee- F21
Coral Dress- H&M

Intro Outfit
*Denim Jacket
Tank- Target
Skirt- Target
Combat Boots- Target

 Outfit 1
*Denim Jacket
*Coral Dress
Monogram Necklace-Etsy

Outfit 2
*Coral Dress
Button Up Shirt- Target

Outfit 3
*Coral Dress
*Graphic Tee
Combat Boots- Target

Outfit 4
*Graphic Tee
Black Jeans- H&M

Outfit 5
Same as outfit above except for-
Tee Shirt-Target

Outfit 6
Same as outfit above except flannel was replaced with the denim jacket

Outfit 7
Shirt- Target
Skirt- Target
Boots- Target
Necklace- F21

I think this may be one of my best videos I’ve put up! It took a lot of work (Behind the scenes vlog should be up soon) but of course it was so much fun! The beginning was cheesy yes but maybe you’ll have gotten a laugh or two out of it.

Thanks for watching! I hope you enjoyed! I am almost to 100 subscribers so if you would subscribe to me if you are not already it would mean so much! Also check out my social media linked at the right! I love you guys so so much and I hope you are having a rad day because you deserve it. I’ll see you on Wednesday!

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July OOTW | The Blushing Beauty

It had been quite some time since I had done some sort of fashion video or post, so I decided to do one today! Here is a look at what outfits I wore Monday-Friday.

Outfit info:

Top- Forever 21
Shorts- Forever 21
Necklace- Monogram from Etsy
Shoes- Old Navy

Top- Aeropostale
Skirt: Forever 21
Shoes: Old Navy
*Same necklace from Monday

Top- Target
Shorts- Old Navy
Belt- Aeropostale
Necklace- Forever 21
Shoes: Old Navy

Necklace-Forever 21
Shoes- Old Navy

Top- Old Navy
Shorts- Old Navy
Cardigan-Forever 21
Shoes- Target

I hope you guys enjoyed! Let me know if you want more fashion posts. Follow me on my blog, twitter, instagram and other social media (located in the top right of my blog) and check out my youtube! I love you guys and I will see you Wednesday!

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Spring Cleaning my Closet

Get the Cleanest Closet | The Blushing Beauty

Here’s my daily confession: I have a VERY messy closet. I love for things to be organized and clean, and when they’re not it stresses me out. However, I’m super lazy. So it’s a common thing for me to lay on my bed, and stare at my messy closet and get freaked out, but I can’t pull myself away from my warm blanket and the youtube video I was watching. So I’d just shrug and save it for “tomorrow.”

Eventually I’d “clean” it up, as in putting the things on the floor away, so I could walk in, but nothing more than that.

But then it all changed. I got pretty fed up with this routine. So I went to closet rehab, well, in my head. Alone. But I talked myself into cleaning my closet out! For real! And I did! And ladies and gentlemen that is how I am here to present this post to you.

Get the Cleanest Closet | The Blushing Beauty

Eek. That’s the before. As you can see, my clothes on the shelves were messy and thrown in, not all folded. My hamper and floor were just… icky. And my shirts hung up weren’t organized in anyway.

Now to tackle this mess! First I put on music, because it makes cleaning a bit better, and I listen to music while doing anything and everything. Here I listened to Coming of Age by Foster the People!


After putting on the music, it’s time to start cleaning.  I think it’s easiest to sort everything out before actually organizing. So I seperated all the clothes lying on the floor or loosely on a shelf into these three piles.

Get the Cleanest Closet | The Blushing Beauty

From here, I will fix the clothing or do what its specified action was. Then we gotta do that laundry.

Get the Cleanest Closet | The Blushing Beauty

Cool. As soon as the clothes are washed and dried, I fold/hang them up, instead of just sitting in the basket, like when I’m lazy. For the hanged items, I organize them by color. I have to racks to hang tops, so the first is tanks and tees, and the bottom is for long sleeves. This makes your clothes look better, and it’s easier to pick out your clothes when you’re getting dressed.

Get the Cleanest Closet | The Blushing Beauty

Quick tip: For clothes you wear more than once before washing, like flannels, cardigans or sweatshirts, you can make them smell like they were freshly washed by spraying some Febreze on. It’s great to use until they need to be cleaned!

Get the Cleanest Closet | The Blushing Beauty

Then I just vacuumed and tidied up, and voila! Clean closet!

Get the Cleanest Closet | The Blushing Beauty

The work you did will feel great and worthwhile when you walk into your closet and see how beautiful it is!

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OOTD: Color and Knits

Spring is in less than a week, which is very exciting, so to get ready for it, I thought I’d share my outfit with you! This is very simple and incorporates the bright spring colors with the winter knits. Hope you enjoy!

Color and Knits OOTD | The Blushing Beauty DSCN8131 DSCN8133


Here’s where all of it is from:

Knit white top: Forever 21

Purple Cardigan: Old Navy

Jeans: Hollister

Have a great day ladies!

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