May Favorites

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Hey guys! This post is about my april/may favorites. I have some makeup products, skincare items, fashion pieces, and other random items I want to share with you all!

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Products I’ve Used Up 3!

Products I've Used Up #3 | The Blushing Beauty

The bag under my vanity of used products was full- which meant time for another empties post! Here are the products that I’ve used up since my last one, which was… a month ago? I’ve been utilizing a lot of more of my products instead of buying new ones! Yay for that.

Products I've Used Up #3 | The Blushing Beauty



Covergirl Natureluxe Foundation: I had this since August?! Long time! I know! It lasted me all the way until now… crazy, but cool. I LOVED this. Like really. I know a lot of other people did too. But it’s discontinued in stores now so I have found a new favorite foundation, also from Covergirl. I will say, I don’t go through my makeup very fast, because this is the only makeup product I actually used up!

Rimmel Stay Matte Powder: As you can see there’s still a decent bit left of this, but I’m just done with it. Everyone loves this, and for me it’s just okay. It doesn’t really keep me matte for long, and it’s kinda cakey. I did get a tinted one if your wondering, in the shade Sandstorm. I found a new awesome powder for the same price that’s 1000 times better! You can read about it here.


Pantene Beautiful Lengths Conditioner: I’ve had this for years! Not kidding. I was so sure it would work well, so I got the biggest bottle ever, and then learn that I don’t like it. Nice Selena. After it sitting in my bathroom vanity for months on end, I decided to use it for shaving. I prefer conditioner over shaving cream anyway. So, this worked well as its non intentional purpose, but I would not ever repurchase it as an actual conditioner (more details coming in a post soon!)


St Ives Blemish Control Apricot Scrub: I bought this to take with me on my trip for spring break! I don’t normally get the acne/salicylic version, but it worked well! I used this on my face and back and it was great; it really cleaned. I’ve went through 3 or 4 full size bottles of their apricot scrub. Generally, St Ives makes the best exfoliators! I’d repurchase it for sure, just as I have in the past!

Olay Fresh Effects Long Live Moisture Moisturizer: I found this on sale in Target for like 7 bucks or something, so I just bought it. I used it up completely but it wasn’t my fave. It had fragrance in it for one, and two it was too light. I have combination skin so some of my dryer areas got patchy and flakey! If you have normal skin and want something simple for spring, this would be good for you, but not for combination normal and dry like me.

Olay Clear ProX Clear Moisturizer: I got this last summer and was out of moisturizer so I used this. It’s cool because its non-comedogenic and oil free, but doesn’t have any acne medications like a lot of moisturizers. Plus it has sunscreen in it! This won’t break me out and will protect me from the sun. I want to try something else at this moment, so I won’t repurchase it but I enjoyed for the time I used it.

Cetaphil Oil Control Foam Cleanser: I got this sample with some acne medication sample I got last summer from my doctor. I found this in my bathroom and saw there was a little left so I used it up. It’s okay, I don’t think it really controls oil that well, but I can’t say for sure because I’ve only used this at night. I won’t repurchase this because I don’t need this for my skin type now.


B&BW Hand Sanitizer in Winter Cranberry: I’ve had this since the winter when they released this scent, and I love it! It’s fresh and berry scented. I love the Bath and Bodyworks products and will repurchase this next winter when it is out again.

B&BW Pink Chiffon Shower Gel: I got this last year and I’ve taken it with me on every trip since then! It finally ran out after I got back from Disneyland. I love love love this scent, and the product itself. I will repurchase.

B&BW Daisy Dream Girl Triple Moisture Body Cream: Wow I have really been using my Bath and Bodyworks stuff huh? Got this at last year’s semi annual sale and forgot about it . I brought it back out!I’ve been using it every day after the shower and it’s great. The scent is okay and it’s now discontinued… I’m not a huge fan but I mostly got it because it was 3 bucks and this body creams are amazing regardless of the scent.

B&BW Mango Body Mist: Got this a few months ago to keep in my gym locker. So I… and my three friends… used it up everyday after gym class! It’s a nice fragrance and it’s great for summer.

Dove Go Fresh Deodorants: More used products from gym! Kept them in my locker and went through two. One is pomegranate and the other is cucumber. They both smell great and work super well! I love Dove deodorants and have bought another, in full size this time.

That concludes my empties post! Let me know what products you have used up recently. Like this post and follow me if you enjoyed. I love you all so so much!

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April 2014 Favorites

April Favorites 2014 | The Blushing Beauty
April is over, so it’s time to do my favorites! I’m excited this month is over because that means one month closer to summer… no school… warmer weather…sleeping in…

I could really use that right now.

But let’s get to the point of this post, shall we?

April Favorites 2014 | The Blushing Beauty

Hair faves! I have my Keratin Infusion Serum from Suave. I have had this for around 6 months (I have a full review here), and I’ve been liking more now than in the past! It’s a very small bottle so I can throw it in my bag and touch up on my frizzy hair (aka lion mane) while I’m on the go. This smooths my hair and adds shine, which is great. I’ve also been loving the Aussie Split end protector to put on my ends and seal them so they won’t break as easily. After every time I wash my hair I use this and it makes my hair smell good and keeps it soft!

April Favorites 2014 | The Blushing Beauty

Makeup! First up is my Covergirl 3 in 1 foundation… okay I won’t go too in depth with this cause you’ve all heard the amazing reviews on it. I agree that it gives nice coverage and looks pretty natural, and for me the biggest plus is that it stays on all. day. long. I’ve never had a longer lasting face product than this, even with a primer! My shade 845, warm beige is also the perfect match.

My Elf Translucent Mattifying Powder is the bomb. This is better than the Rimmel Stay Matte by far! It’s 1. cheaper (a mere 3 bucks), and 2. works a whole lot better. It sets my foundation and doesn’t look cakey! Plus the packaging is nice, it reminds me of Nars products. This is one of the most underlooked powders, and just drugstore products in general.

April Favorites 2014 | The Blushing Beauty

I’ve also been enjoying the Smashbox full exposure mascara. It layers with other mascaras nicely and isn’t too clumpy!

April Favorites 2014 | The Blushing Beauty

For lips, I cannot express my love for MAC’s angel lipstick enough. This is my favorite nudey pinky color; it just looks really pretty! I’m so glad I recieved this for my birthday. Underneath it I wear my Nivea Lip Butter in Caramel Kiss to keep my lips moisturized and keep the dry skin away. I hauled this a month ago and I’ve been using it ever since.

April Favorites 2014 | The Blushing Beauty

Skincare! I love this baby, my Julep Cleansing Oil. Hands down the best all around makeup remover I’ve used. It’s nice because it’s breaks down all the stuff on the surface of your skin- whether that be dirt, makeup, or oil- and when you rinse it off it all slides off. And it’s gone. Fast and easy! And I’m not gonna lie… I use this on my eyes too cause I’m lazy. It doesn’t irritate them at all. Although it’s not the best for getting off waterproof mascara, it’s still nice.

April Favorites 2014 | The Blushing Beauty

Nails! Been loving my Julep Nail Polish in Monaco. It’s this gorgeous, vibrant cobalt blue. It’s super pretty and you get the best of a neon and a neutral. If turquoise and navy had a baby, this would be it.

April Favorites 2014 | The Blushing Beauty

Other beauty stuff! My cotton rounds are random but I love them! I use them with my nail polish remover and makeup remover. They rock. And then this cool hair clip I’ve had for awhile, called the croc clip, is great for sectioning off my thick hair.

April Favorites 2014 | The Blushing Beauty

MUSIC. I’ve been liking Two Door Cinema Club and Lana‘s new song West Coast. It’s great, it has a good mix of beats and a nice light song for the upcoming summer season. And I’ve also been liking music from Sam Woolf! He’s pretty much the best American Idol contestant if you haven’t heard of him. He’s a really talented and I love him and his music. My favorite song from him right now is probably Sailing Away by David Gray! You should watch/vote for him on Idol and check out his youtube.

Those were my April Favorites! I hope you guys had a good month! I had a lot of fun doing this post. Don’t forget to like this post and follow me if you enjoyed. Thanks and I love you guys! I’ll see you on Sunday.

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