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City Days

Hey guys! Today’s post is some footage I got while out in a dowtown area last weekend with my siblings. I show you the city as well as my outfit!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post, be sure to like it if you did! More videos soon, love you all and have an amazing day!

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6 New Videos!?!?

Hey guys! I have just gotten back from vacation and haven’t gotten the time to film a beauty video. However, I have been daily vlogging for the past 9 days! Here are the 5 latest vlogs, which are from my vacation and I am currently uploading another one right now that is from home now that I am back. Here is my vlog channel, make sure to subscribe so you can stay up to date! And my beauty channel as well!

Yay for vlogs! Stay up to date lovelies! I will be back to the Wednesday, Friday and Sunday schedule now. Get excited for new videos! Also, on the right side of my blog you can see I have buttons to visit my social media. PLEASE follow me! I will follow back and I want to interact with you guys more! See you on Wednesday xoxo

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