Sophomore Year Reflection

Sophomore Year | TheBlushingBeauty

Hey everyone, today’s post is about my Sophomore year of highschool. I just finished on June 10th and I’m so excited it’s summer! I’ll have so much more time to make content and videos which is what I enjoy doing. But I decided I would reflect on this year and talk about my classes and some things I learned this year.

Thanks for watching! I hope you enjoyed this video and found it helpful. Let me know what things you learned this past year in the comments. Give this post a like and follow me for more posts soon! Love you all and talk to you soon.

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Locker Essentials + School Survival Kit

Locker Essentials + Survival Kit | The Blushing Beauty
Today’s video is about locker organization and essentials, as well as a survival kit. I know it can stressful trying to get all of your stuff ready for school so I hope this helps. I think this might be one of my last back to school videos, so if you missed any from this year be sure to scroll down on my blog and check them out.

But without further ado… here is the video!

I hope this helped you all out! I had a lot of fun editing it! Don’t forget to follow me on my blog and social media, as well as subscribe to my Youtube! You guys are all the best and I love you! If you want to chat feel free to leave a comment! See you Friday lovelies!

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Freshmen Advice and Tips!

Freshmen Tips and Advice | The Blushing Beauty

Hey guys! I uploaded my video last night and forgot to post it on here! Regardless, this is my freshmen advice video. I am now a sophomore and I wanted to share my tips and things I learned in this video. I really hope it helps any of you out there who are going into high school.

If you guys have any additional questions let me know! I hope you are all well! To stay up to date with me  subscribe to my main channel and my vlog channel to see what I have been doing with my life! Love you and see you soon (:

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