Sophomore Year Reflection

Sophomore Year | TheBlushingBeauty

Hey everyone, today’s post is about my Sophomore year of highschool. I just finished on June 10th and I’m so excited it’s summer! I’ll have so much more time to make content and videos which is what I enjoy doing. But I decided I would reflect on this year and talk about my classes and some things I learned this year.

Thanks for watching! I hope you enjoyed this video and found it helpful. Let me know what things you learned this past year in the comments. Give this post a like and follow me for more posts soon! Love you all and talk to you soon.

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What 2014 Taught Me


Today is New Year’s Eve! Can’t believe that tonight tomorrow, or maybe today if you’re reading this late- is 2015. 2014 was an eventful year, and I thought to close it off I would share my experiences and lessons I learned with you! This video is pushing 11 minutes which I know is lengthy, but I honestly put a lot of thought into this video and really mean what I say, so I would appreciate if you watched it to the end!

Let me know what you guys thought in the comments down below! Tell me if you would like to see more personal/advice videos similar to this. Lifestyle is also a component to my blog that I want to talk about.

2015 is going to be a great year. I have made so many plans and my blog/youtube will be here with me the whole time! I wish you all a wonderful new year, and may the best come! Love you all so so much.

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December Favorites 2014!

December Favorites 2014 | The Blushing Beauty

I’M ALIVE. I know. I haven’t posted in what feels like centuries! I have had the worst of technical difficulties possible, and my laptop is still completely wrecked and my internet is still slow… However I am going to do my absolute best to post every Sunday and Wednesday. This week I will have a bonus Friday Post too! Blogging/filming is my passion and know I will not be stopping!

Anyway, to the topic- my favorites! Hope you like this video:

Give this post a like if you enjoyed! Let me know what your favorites were in a comment and I’ll follow you! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas (if you celebrate) or great winter break! Love you guys lots